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Isidore completed his apprenticeship at Continental Garage in Johannesburg in 1956, having participated in, and passed, the first trade test set up by the Motor Industry Apprenticeship Committee.

His intimate practical knowledge of vehicle servicing and repair requirements nurtured interest in a particular specialist segment, which finally resulted in the establishment of WINGATE BRAKE AND STEERING CENTRE, (WBSC) which has become a significant force in the brake and power steering servicing sectors of South Africa’s automotive aftermarket.

SAUL SOSTAK joined his father ISIDORE and immediately became apprenticed to WINGATE MOTORS to obtain hands-on experience of the business. He introduced the concept of computers to Wingate.

Isidore and Saul are both shareholders in the Australian company, Plasticoat now known as Plascorp. Both were also instrumental in the setting up of exporting from Australia Plascorp product into South Africa which has been on going. Export is also to many African States. See the website.


Saul developed the most comprehensive computer program containing, interchanging of every part number available for all international automotive parts manufacturers. The electronic catalog is always updated as and when new information comes to hand. He also compiled the first ever Hydraulic Brake Parts catalog to be printed in South Africa in the past ten years. This is a sought after piece of work and is also updated continuously and is in use by all the main spares parts franchise dealers in South Africa such as, ALL PARTS SPARES CENTRES and Ford of Southern Africa.

Already in it’s fifth decade, Wingate, with the formidable experience and know-how gained since it’s inception in 1960, has become one of South Africa’s largest independent suppliers and remanufacturers of brake and steering parts (manual and power assisted) and accessories and test equipment to the automotive aftermarket.

BEE Rating – In 1972, Wingate Motors was proudly the first company in the Automotive Industry to employ and train a Black apprentice who has since retired after having opened his own workshop. Although not BEE rated yet we have employed and trained Black Ladies in the use of computer, bookkeeping and workshop control. Each of our Black staff has been personally trained by the Two Members of the company. There is a staff complement of two company members, four Black African ladies, one White African lady, four Black African men, one Indian Male, and one White African male.



The remanufacturing facility is for the servicing and reconditioning of brake and power steering systems. WINGATE built its reputation on its ability to refurbish brake boosters, brake and clutch master cylinders, wheel cylinder, and calipers. Wingate has also been assisting international governments in the refurbishing and redesigning of brakes on their early model armaments such as troop carriers.

The power steering facility re-manufactures rack-and-pinion, steering gears, valves and pumps for all makes of cars, trucks, and off-road vehicles. Besides its own in-house made testers, WINGATE has the most up-to-date internationally approved Testing Analyser from PS Systems (USA) for testing of power steering rack & pinion, steering boxes, and pumps. Spool valve housings are re-sleeved and rack shafts are hard-chromed whenever required.

WINGATE has designed the latest brake testers for boosters, master cylinders, wheel cylinders and callipers.                          


This is an important part of the business providing expert knowledge and assistance plus the selling of parts and brake accessories at retail, trade and wholesale margins in most instances. The parts counter is also utilised by the trade customers for collection of remanufactured work and buyouts.


This is a major focus of the WBSC business, with an ever-increasing range of products predominantly within the chosen focused area of business. Major fleet operations, general parts retailers and wholesalers, and motor manufacturers (including P & A) are among the customer base.

A substantial inventory is held of approximately 60,000 part numbers – a formidable number if one considers that it mainly services brake and steering components. WBSC is in “Partnership” with the internationally recognised and OEM plant, Wrakynson factory in Spain and have, together, developed brake rubber seals, diaphragms for the world market. WBSC also markets and exports into Africa, Australia, USA and Pacific Rim.  We have also partnered IRUNA and StopIberica in Spain on all brake cylinders.


Although it is not formalised, WINGATE has a vigorous R&D facility, which constantly locates innovative products from around the world, or researches solutions to specific braking or steering problems in South Africa.      

Technology input from around the world is constantly sought, and from time to time, special development procedures are requested from overseas high-tech suppliers.

To ensure that WBSC staff is the ‘ best in the business’, WINGATE MOTORS offers ongoing extensive training to its staff in servicing and repairs of brake and steering systems. The training is comprehensive, both technically and administrative. We have to ensure that our technicians exceed the required qualifications, which is vital towards ensuring that they are the specialists to the trade.