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What is an ACRONYM really

An acronym is a pronounceable word formed from the first letter (or first few letters) of each word in a phrase or title. Sometimes, the newly combined letters create a new word that becomes a part of everyday language.

Well, the MOTOR industry is no different and it is not always easy to keep up with all the acronyms.

Here is a comprehensive list to assist you -
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steering system

The vehicle is provided with basic functions such as running, turning and stopping. The steering system covers one of these basic functions, "turning."

The electric power steering system developed by us in 1988 first in the world is superior in fuel consumption as well as in the ease of installation and boasts the top share even now.

Electric power steering system

Electric Power Steering System

The steering system supports the driver in turning the steering wheel with an electric power assist unit consisting of a motor, controller, torque sensor and so on, thereby steering the tire.
In comparison with the hydraulic type that uses the engine of the vehicle as a power source, the electric type that uses the battery as a power source can improve the fuel consumption of the vehicle by 3 to 5%.
There are two types: column type with which the power assist unit is located in the column (inside the cabin) and rack type with which it is located in the engine room.

Hydraulic ppwer steering system

Hydraulic Power Steering System

The hydraulic power assist unit supports the driver in turning the steering wheel, thereby steering the tire.
The system is compact and superior in the steering performance, capable of issuing a large output.

Types of Steering

Column type electric power steering

  • Because the power assist unit is located in the cabin, this type of steering system is suitable for compact vehicles that have a smaller space in the engine room.
  • This type is adopted in principle for light, compact and medium cars.

Dual pinion type electric power steering

  • Because the assist function of this steering system is separated from the steering wheel shaft, the degree of freedom of installation is enhanced and, together with an optimum strength design, a large output is realized.

Electric pump type hydraulic power steering

  • This is an energy-saving hydraulic power steering system with which the hydraulic pump is driven under microcomputer control.
  • With idle stop mode support, the energy consumption in the non-steering mode (in straight-ahead travel) is reduced by about 80% (10-15 mode) when compared in horsepower.

Pinion type electric power steering

  • This steering system is provided with a power assist unit at the pinion shaft (inside the engine room) and it features calmness when compared with the column type.

Rack and pinion type manual power steering

  • The system provides high-output, enhanced follow-up capability and natural power assistance with the hydraulic power.
  • A gentle and smooth steering feel is provided.
  • The system can be installed in various models such as light four-wheel-drive vehicles and RV vehicles.

Ball screw type manual power steering

  • The hydraulic power provides large-output and enhanced follow-up capability and natural power assistance.
  • The system features a high power and smooth steering feel even for trucks and buses.

Electronically controlled type hydraulic power steering

  • The hydraulic steering system and electronic control realize an ideal steering feel matching the vehicle speed.

Rack direct drive type electric power steering

  • Because the rack shaft is directly assisted, low friction, low inertia and ideal steering feel are realized.