WINGATE built its reputation on its specialist ability to remanufacture brake boosters. Now Wingate has developed a NEW UNIVERSAL  Master Vac servo, and have a full range of servo spare parts available to the Rebuilder. The electronic picture catalogue is also now available.


The power steering facility remanufactures rack-and-pinion, steering gear, valves and pumps for all make of cars, trucks and off-road vehicles. Spool valve housings are re-sleeved and rack shafts are hard-chromed whenever required. We also specialise in the reconditioning of all Land Rover, Landcruiser steering boxes and rack & pinions, Isuzu steering boxes used in underground mining modified.


The brake cylinder re-sleeving production is an integral part of the remanufacturing facilities.  Top quality stainless steel seamless tubing is used. WINGATE IS ABLE TO RE-CLAIM ALL “VINTAGE” or “HARD TO FIND” CYLINDERS and CALIPERS through its RE-SLEEVING DIVISION. TRUCK CYLINDERS are a SPECIALITY e.g. Toyota Twin Straight and Rear Hand Brake Split types. All sleeved cylinders carry a lifetime warranty on the sleeve.


This method of refurbishing steering and suspension components was pioneered by WINGATE in South Africa. Amongst others, tie rod ends, ball joints, idler arms, kingpins can be restored by the system. This method which restores used components to tolerances equal to or better than new by injecting a specially formulated molten polymer, was developed in the NASA, USA space program. It comes with a fully comprehensive training DVD and manual. Training is also done on our premises, by appointment. The kit contents give you immediate access to “A NEW BUSINESS or and ADD ON to any present operation”.


Saul was instrumental in the design and manufacture of the first ever vehicle immobiliser which he marketed through the company E & I Security systems.

The WINGATE STOPFLO petrol (Feulok) and diesel (Dieselok) cut-off valves, and the hydroelectric valve Brakelok system, fit in all makes of automotive anti theft immobiliser systems. This was marketed as Protect-a-Car.


Besides its own branded products WINGATE represents most of the major international brake parts suppliers and has access to all the “hard to get” parts. WAGNER, JKC, BENDIX, GIRLING, PBR, LOCKHEED, WABCO, CLAYTON DEWANDRE, REPCO and ATE are just some of the world’s renowned companies whose brake and steering products are available from WINGATE, for wholesale, retail, and in-house use for the workshop and remanufacturing.


The brake pipe flaring tool can be used to flare and assemble brake pipes of all sizes. A range of hardware including brake pipe nuts, Bundy tubing is available. Brake pipes are made up to sample as well.


These brakes can be fitted to car, caravan, or trailer, and gives more effective braking control in any conditions. This Australian PBR system guarantees brakes at all times, even on foot brake failure. This system is mandatory for Horse Trailer Boxes and can be used with our PV48A breakaway safety valve assembly. These systems have been imported from Australia for the past 40 years. Wingate has the sole rights for marketing them. See trailer brakes on our website.


We have been appointed by the largest UK tool distributor Tool Connections, GUNSONS and LASER tools who manufacture and distribute specialised tools which can be viewed on our website. We have the full range of Caliper Piston Rewinders Left and Right Hand threaded type for all makes of cars. Gunson Eezibleed, Laser Pressure Bleeder, Motive Bleeder and re-filler for use all makes of master cylinders.
IRUNA 12 volt vacuum pump is used by owners to replace their small units on Diesel engines. Once vacuum is available the unit stops until vacuum drops again. More details can be viewed on our website.

Our latest Pressure brake bleeder, the Gunson Laser Power Brake Bleeder can be used on all types of brake systems including ABS and can be used to “Back Bleed” clutch hydraulics. All workshops should have one.       


  • Brake Booster Repair Kits
  • Hydraulic Brake & Clutch repair kits
    A full range of repair kits comprising 2500 kit numbers as well as 15,000 component part numbers is available. They are manufactured to OE and ISO 9000 standards.
  • Brake fluid
    Normal DOT 3 and DOT 4 brake fluid is available. Silicone, DOT 5 brake fluid is kept for the racing enthusiast and vintage car owner.
  • Power steering fluid
  • Steering Racks
  • Power steering units
  • Nu-Tech Polymer Injection Bushing System
  • Brake Bleeders
    Wingate has a wide range of brake and clutch system bleeding kits for workshop, DIY, or fleet customers. For example, the MOTIVE POWER brake and clutch professional bleeder tank for bleeding of clutch systems, tandem safety master cylinders, dual clutch and brake cylinders, and power brake systems. GUNSONS EEZIBLEED is also available for the DIY enthusiast. Syringe type pre-bleeders are new to the range.
  • Power Steering repair kits available for all makes of cars and trucks.
  • Cylinders, calipers, boosters
    A range of new, rebuilt, and re-sleeved master cylinders, wheel cylinders, calipers, and brake boosters together with diaphragms and other system components are among the available parts. Re-sleeved brake cylinders are now offered because the new re-sleeving process is considerably quicker and more cost effective and carry a lifetime warranty on the sleeve.
  • Brake Fittings, Hardware, and Tools
    This product includes the clips and springs needed for the replacement of disc pads and brake shoes. Brake hardware components and a range of brake tools are available to meet almost any need. The range of products includes bleed screws, brake pipe nuts; hold down parts, brake springs, brake spanners, and brake hose clamps.
    Brake fluid testers and bleeders are also available.