Power Steering Tips

This document is filled with Power Steering Tips e.g.

  • Power Steering Boxes
    Prior to commencing the remove and refit procedure soak the upper part of the sector shaft (above the pitman arm) with penetrating oil. This will allow time for the oil to work its way down the splines while you are carrying out the other removal procedures and will allow the pitman arm’ to be removed without applying too much force …
  • Power Steering Racks
    NOTE: In some instances where access is difficult it may be useful to support the rack on a piece of timber clamped to the cross member which will allow the hose connections to be made, and tightened prior to placing the rack in position on its mounting brackets. When connecting the hoses to the rack make sure that there is no dirt on the flares of the hose ends as this may prevent you obtaining a good seal and any dirt entering the system is likely to cause the pump valve to stick …
    WARNING: Do not turn the steering wheel without the motor running as in some instances
    it may dislodge the inner rack shaft seal and cause the fluid to leak into the boots …
  • Power Steering Racks with aluminium (die cast) pinion housings
  • Power Steering hoses
  • Power Steering racks and spool type valves
  • Power Steering Pumps
  • Oil Contamination  

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