The Nu-Tech Polymer Bushing System 

allows you to restore marginally loose front end parts back to new or closer than new tolerances. The parts are restored to new or better than new by injecting a specially formulated molten polymer into the joints while still attached or when removed from the vehicle. The bushing is installed in a molten state through the grease opening by using a unique pressure multiplying tool. The result is a perfectly fitted, free floating, greasable bushing that is warranted for 6 years or 100,000 kilometres.

Its win – win with Nu-Tech. 

Your customer wins, and so do you! You can now give your customer a choice: restore or replace. This immediately increases your chances of closing a sale. On a typical job, your customer will save about 50% over parts replacement, but your profit will be the same. Your profit margin will be significantly higher, no parts cost and less labor cost. You don’t have to stock parts or wait for them to be delivered (and neither does your customer).

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